Name Pendant – Square (Gold-plated)Name Pendant – Square (Gold-plated)Name Pendant – Square (Gold-plated)Name Pendant – Square (Gold-plated)Name Pendant – Square (Gold-plated)
Name Pendant – Square (Gold-plated)Name Pendant – Square (Gold-plated)Name Pendant – Square (Gold-plated)Name Pendant – Square (Gold-plated)Name Pendant – Square (Gold-plated)

Name Pendant – Square (Gold-plated)

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Complete your gift with a beautiful chain
The pendant is gold plated with a personal engraving, but this doesn't mean that you can't make your pendant even more fun! You can complete your gift now with a lovely chain, with a choice out of different sizes and links. The pendants are easily attached the chain, that way you can keep varying with these unique chains and pendants.

More information about the pendants:
Material: gold-plated metal
Size: 25 x 25 mm
Shape: square
Engraved text on back: max. 15 characters

Give a beautiful square engraved pendant with a name as a gift!

Surprise your partner, friends or family with a beautifully engraved pendant! A pendant is an orginal gift for a birthday, anniversary or as a token of love. Make this gift really personal by having your own name engraved on the front of the pendant!

The pendants are gold plated and are available in a different shapes. These lovely pendants with name engraved can be given on their own or in combination with a beautiful chain. The pendants will be wrapped in a lovely gift wrapping, that way you can always be sure to surprise with these beautiful and personal pieces of jewellery!

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