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It doesn’t matter if it’s your first house/apartment or you move every couple of years, moving is always exciting! At first it can feel a bit strange to live in a new place so it is important to make it feel like home. Of course you don’t have to do this all by yourself! Most of the time friends and family are happy to help you move in, paint and decorate. When everything is in the right color and in the right place it is time to show off all the hard work. Time for a housewarming! We have rounded up the best housewarming gifts for you.

Personalised house sign

Now that you’ve turned your house into a home you have to make sure people can actually find it. No better way to do this than with a personalised house sign! All house signs can be personalised real easy in our editor. Pick a design that fits you and your family and add your names, family name or a photo of the family to it. The material of the house sign is aluminium and comes with a mounting system.

Personalised pillow

When looking for a housewarming gift it is common people will bring a gift that can be used in the house. How better to make the new house owner feel like home than with a lot of pillows! Not only are they super comfy they are decorative as well. Are you looking for a certain design for your pillows but you can’t find it? Design them yourself! Use a photo of the design to print it on the pillow. Your personalised pillow becomes an even more unique gift when you use your own photo and text as a print! Don’t worry this is very easy and can be done from your (pillow-less) couch!

Wall decoration

Once you’re all settled in your new house you realise there is this one wall that’s still completely empty. Fill this wall with decoration of your choice! Print that gorgeous photo on a big canvas and make it the eye catcher of the room. Or print the photo on wood or aluminium. There are different sizes and shapes available so it will always looks good with the rest of your interior design. Wall decoration doesn’t have to be just a photo, it can be a clock, mirror, certificate or ceramic tile. Or maybe all of the above? At YourSurprise you are your own interior designer!
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