Delivered to your address of choice

Free message card with every gift

All gifts personalised with photo/text

Delivered to your address of choice

We have various shipping options available. You can find the expected delivery date for each gift next to the green tick.

Free message card with every gift

Would you like to surprise someone with a beautiful gift? All of our gifts are shipped without including an invoice, so that the gift can be shipped straight to the recipient.

All gifts personalised with photo/text

Each and every gift we create can be personalised with the photo and/or text of your choice, making it truly unique every time, for any occasion.

Frequently asked questions

Placing an order

That's correct. For (rather boring) technical reasons, we are unable to show your personalisation in the preview for some gifts, such as books and Toblerones. Please rest assured that we will use your personalisation to create your gift though! After placing the order, you will receive a confirmation email, in which you will see the text that you have entered. If you notice an error, please contact our Customer Service (by phone) as quickly as possible.
Yes you can! While ordering, you can choose to have your gift delivered directly to the recipient in the second step of the shopping basket. This is always without invoice and possibly with your personal text on the free gift card.
Most of our gifts can be delivered to a pick-up point. This option can be selected in the second step in the shopping basket. After entering your own information, you can check the box that says ‘Collect from a pick-up point’. You will then be given the option to select a pick-up point based on a postcode just below.
In the shopping basket, just below the gift, you will find a button with which the gift can be removed. The button looks like a trash can.
It's definitely possible to add multiple items in one order! This is how to do it: 1. Go to the product page of the first product you'd like to order and start personalising it by clicking on the green button. 2. When you're completely satisfied with your design, place the product in your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout. 3. Before you fill in all the required information to complete the order, you should be able to see a little button that allows you to continue shopping. Please click this button. 4. You will be directed to our homepage from where you can go to the product page of the second product you'd like to order. 5. Repeat steps 1-3 until you have everything you want in your shopping cart. 6. You are now ready to place the order!


If you are having trouble completing your payment, we would advise you to first contact your bank for assistance, as they will often be able to explain and/or resolve the issue for you.
As long as your gift has not been shipped, we are able to make changes to your invoice for you. As soon as the order has been shipped, this is no longer possible. The quickest way to request a change to your invoice is by telephone.
Our Chamber of Commerce number is 22057264 and our VAT number is NL.820845437B01.
The invoice and all other information concerning your gift will be emailed to you only. The gift will be sent without any further information, to ensure that the person receiving the gift won’t be able to see it. They will only get to see their amazing gift! Would you like to let them know who sent it? Just fill out the cool free gift card in the shopping basket!
Unfortunately, it is not possible to postpay your order.

Discounts & Gift cards

You can enter your discount code during the payment step in the shopping basket. Enter your code and click the arrow to activate the code, after which the discount will be automatically deducted from your total order amount. One discount code can be used per order.
Always be the first to know about all of our special offers and discounts through our newsletter! Sign up at and receive 20% off your first order.
The YourSurprise gift voucher can be redeemed by using the following link: You will find your personalised voucher code on the inside of the voucher. This code consists of 14 characters. You can fill in your personal voucher code under ‘Your Gift code’. Then just click on redeem and the amount will be added to the shopping basket. You can now start looking around for a fantastic personalised gift!
If you have forgotten to add your discount code and have not yet completed payment, please contact our customer service team by phone. Have your order number and discount code ready. If payment has been completed, we are unable to add your discount code for you.
First, make sure that you have entered the discount code correctly, including the correct upper and lower case letters. Ensure that you have not accidentally entered an extra space or period. If this is correct, there is a possibility that your order doesn't meet the discount code requirements. It may be below the minimum order value, or a case of the discount not being valid for the gift you have selected. If this is not the case, please contact our customer service team, who are more than happy to help.

Order status

After placing your order you will automatically receive a confirmation email. If you are unable to find the email, please check your spam folder first. If you are unable to find it in the spam folder, please check the email address spelling. If this contains an error, please contact our Customer Service. We will correct the email address and resend the confirmation email to you. Is the email address correct, yet you simply haven’t received the email? Please contact our Customer Service.
As soon as the order has been placed, we get to work in order to meet the expected delivery dates. For this reason, it is not possible to add gifts to orders which have been placed.
For most gifts, we are able to show your personalisation in the preview. Unfortunately, for some gifts, this isn't technically possible. In most cases, you will be shown the text separately in your confirmation email. If you are unsure of the preview, please contact our Customer Service.
Your order can only be cancelled if payment has not yet been completed. Check your order status in your MySurprise account. If your order status is 'in production' or 'shipped', this means that the order has been made and cannot be cancelled. If you wish to cancel an order, please do so by phone, so that we can make the necessary changes to the order status for you immediately.
If your order status is 'Awaiting payment', you can request a change to both your design and the delivery address. Contact our Customer Service department by phone to request a change to your order. You can find your order status by logging into your MySurprise account and clicking on your current orders. If the order status is 'in production', it is no longer possible to make any changes to your design.

Shipment & delivery

We are sorry to hear that your order has been delayed. Please let us know what your order number is so we can start an investigation with the shipping agent/company to find out what happened to your parcel and to hear when they now expect to deliver it.
If your parcel is a letterbox parcel, this will be stated in your shipping confirmation email.
The times between which your gift can be delivered depend on which type of parcel your order has been shipped as, which shipping agent you select, and which area it is to be delivered to. To check at which time your parcel will be delivered, check the tracking link provided in your shipping confirmation email, or contact the shipping agent directly if you require further information.
First, check to see if your order has been shipped. If it has been shipped, and your tracking link isn't working, please contact our Customer Service department.
You will receive a shipping confirmation email as soon as your order is shipped. You can also check your order status in your MySurprise account.


What a great pity that you want to delete your MySurprise account. Would you please let us know by e-mail? Then we will immediately start working on your request. Should you ever change your mind, you are of course always welcome back!
What a shame that you no longer wish to receive our emails. Please send our Customer Service department an email to let us know, so that we can remove you from our mailing list. If you ever change your mind, you're more than welcome to sign up again!
You can create a new password by clicking on the 'Forgot password' button on the MySurprise page. Enter your email address and you will receive a link with which to reset your password.
Changes can be made to your information details at any time. First, you will need to log in. After making your changes, you will be asked to check and confirm them. As soon as the changes have been confirmed, they will be automatically used for any further orders.
MySurprise is the personal account service that YourSurprise offers. You can create an account by registering through MySurprise. You will then receive an email through which you can confirm your email address. Once you have done so, you can log in to your MySurprise account using your password. This account allows you to view and check on your order 24 hours a day and keep your details up to date. All details are confidential and safely stored on the secure YourSurprise server. YourSurprise conforms to the current statutory privacy regulations. You can also log in using Facebook or Google.

Customer service & contact

We are very happy to have you as our customer and want you to know that your personal information is safe with us. We take great care in handling this sensitive information. All information that you share with us is stored in our secure database using a safe SSL connection. This means that only a few confidants have access to the information. This means that the information can only be seen by those who need to see it. We promise to use your information within our company only, and to never share your information with third parties for commercial or other purposes.
These things happen! We're more than happy to correct it for you, simply contact our Customer Service.
We treat your photos as personal information, which means that we treat them as we would our own. We use your photos for the sole purpose of creating your gift, and never share your photos with third parties. We store your photos in order to use them to create your gift. We store the photos for a maximum of 24 months from the date on which your order is placed. We do this so that we can remake your gift for you in case of an issue, or in case you wish to have the order remade. If you upload a photo but do not place an order, your photo is stored for a maximum of 30 days. If you would like your photos to be removed earlier than this, please contact our Customer Service department, so that we can arrange this for you.
If you need help or have a question, you can contact our Customer Service department by phone at +1 929-322-0096, by email at, or chat with us through our website. We're here to help!
If you have received a message from a shipping agent that your parcel is being returned to sender, or have seen this in your tracking link, please contact our Customer Service department, so that we can help you receive your order as soon as possible.

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Our Customer Service is available on:
Monday - Thursday: 02:30 am - 04:00 pm (New York time)
Friday - Sunday: 02:30 am - 11:00 am (New York time)