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Delivered to your address of choice

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Free message card with every gift

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All gifts personalised with photo/text

Each and every gift we create can be personalised with the photo and/or text of your choice, making it truly unique every time, for any occasion.

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Personalised bathrobe

A bathrobe is a sweet and personal gift with name for adults and children. Choose your favourite colour and font, and we will embroider your name or text on the back of the bathrobe.

A bathrobe for everyone

A soft bathrobe is a luxurious treat for everyone. You can choose from a women's bathrobe, men's bathrobe or a children's bathrobe with name or text. All our bathrobes are made of cotton. We embroider any name on a bathrobe of your choice, in the font of your choice. You can easily select this when ordering. Please note! We embroider all names on the back of the robe.

Bathrobe for adults

In our range we have grey, blue and white bathrobes for men and women. The bathrobes are 120 cm long, about knee-length. The bathrobes have 2 pockets on the front.

Bathrobe for children

What could be more adorable than a bathrobe for kids? We have a selection of bathrobes in pink, blue and white in sizes 80/92 and 110/116. The bathrobes are around 55.5 cm long. We embroider the child's name on the back of the bathrobe. You can choose from various fonts and colours.

## Baby bathrobe with name as a maternity gift

Looking for an original maternity gift? A wonderfully soft baby towel embroidered with a name is a personal and practical gift. A baby bath towel with name is great to use after bathing, swimming and is also ideal for curling up in before going to sleep. This makes it an ideal maternity present!

About our bathrobes

Our bathrobes are available in various colours such as pink, blue, white and grey. You can wash the bathrobe at 40 degrees Celsius. Because the name is embroidered into the bathrobe, the bathrobe and name retain their beauty for a long time. We can embroider any names, which we do by using advanced embroidery machines. However, there is a maximum embroidery width of 15 cm. The bathrobes are made of super soft cotton and feel wonderfully comfortable. They are airy and absorb moisture which also makes them suitable for use in the sauna. Because it has your name on it, you don't have to worry about someone else picking up the wrong bathrobe!

## The Art of Giving

Few things are more fun than receiving gifts! Because we love gifts so much, we make thousands of personal gifts with names every day. We believe that by giving a gift, you can spread a little happiness and really make someone's day. We call this 'The Art of Giving'.

Top tip!

We think a personalised bathrobe makes a great gift for various occasions, such as: - when your boyfriend or girlfriend finally moves in with you - as a wedding gift for a bridal couple (then we could even just embroider Mr & Mrs on the back!) - when you finally get your friend to come to the sauna with you - a baby bath towel with name to celebrate a birth - for a hen party or stag party