Dog leash - 5mDog leash - 5mDog leash - 5mDog leash - 5mDog leash - 5mDog leash - 5mDog leash - 5m
Dog leash - 5mDog leash - 5mDog leash - 5mDog leash - 5mDog leash - 5mDog leash - 5mDog leash - 5m

Dog leash

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More information about the dog leash:
Colour: black backside
Material: polymer
Weight: 295 gram
Length of the leash: 5 meters
Suitable for dogs till 25 kilo's

Surprise your furry little friend with a dog leash with his or her own photo and name!

Are you tired of those same old boring dog leashes and are you looking for a cool replacement for yours? If so, this unique dog leash with photo is the perfect gift for you! Not only a stunning leash but also really functional because of the easy closure and practical stop. You will never lose your leash at the park or beach again, because yours will look ten times better than every other!

The leash has a lengt of 5 meters, so your dog will have lot's of room to move around while walking. You can decide how close you want your furry friend to walk next to you with the practical stop system. Your dog will make als his four-legged friend jealous with his or her own super cool leash with photo or name!

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