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Delivered to your address of choice

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Free message card with every gift

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All gifts personalised with photo/text

Each and every gift we create can be personalised with the photo and/or text of your choice, making it truly unique every time, for any occasion.

Dish out the compliments for World Compliment Day

personalised gifts as a compliment

Receiving a compliment is always lovely, as it makes us feel appreciated and immediately brightens our day!
Did you know there is a day dedicated to just that? World Compliment Day started in The Netherlands in the early 2000s and is now known worldwide.
When exactly is compliment day? You can mark the date on your calendar and get your compliments ready for March 1!

Why pay someone a compliment?

A compliment is a way to make the people around you feel appreciated, show them they are valued and make them smile. The benefits of compliments are many! Those who receive them immediately feel a state of well-being. This feeling can be explained by science. When we receive a compliment, specific areas in the brain that influence motivation and concentration are activated and creates a cycle whereby the brain wants to experience that feeling again, therefore being motivated to do better and better. But science aside, a compliment is also a way to strengthen bonds with those in your life and make someone important to you feel special.

Who to compliment?

Everyone deserves a compliment now and then! Perhaps someone at work submitted an interesting project? Compliment them on their commitment and results. Maybe your friend has been there for you during a difficult time? Compliment her and tell her how great she is. There are plenty of opportunities to pay someone a compliment.
Just keep the following in mind:

- Be sincere: No one likes to receive insincere compliments!
- Keep it classy: Not everyone enjoys receiving compliments on their physical appearance. If you're not sure how your compliment will be received, focus on something else.
- Don’t be afraid: Giving a compliment may seem scary, but as long as yours is heartfelt, you’ll be ok. If you’re feeling too shy to compliment someone in person, send a card instead.

Send a card with a compliment

A card is a great way to compliment to someone. This way the recipient can re-read it whenever they want and feel special every time!

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