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Delivered to your address of choice

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Free message card with every gift

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All gifts personalised with photo/text

Each and every gift we create can be personalised with the photo and/or text of your choice, making it truly unique every time, for any occasion.

Close your eyes and think of Valentine's Day.. You probably imagined your partner, perhaps a candlelight dinner or some other time well spent together. There is a chance that you also thought of one of the main sweet treats enjoyed on 14 February: chocolate, of course!

Why is chocolate so popular for Valentine's Day? There are many reasons for this, but we believe it is a universally appreciated, delicious and budget-friendly gift. Its origins go back a long way, and in the past chocolate was for the upper classes only, but today it can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere in the world. You can never go wrong with chocolate, it allows you to make someone happy and create a moment of sharing together.

Which chocolate to give as a gift on Valentine's Day?

Chocolate is a very versatile product that can be found in many different shapes, sizes and flavours. But which is the best one for Valentine's Day? Take a look at our suggestions to find the most delicious gift!

Chocolates for Valentine's Day

Delicious Milka chocolates filled with cream, pralines of the most luxurious varieties and packaging that can be personalised with your design. Add your favourite photo, a special message and/or a name or choose your favourite design. We’ll create your unique chocolate gift, so you can put a big smile on the recipient’s face!

Never enough chocolate: delicious XXL bars

Your partner can't get enough of chocolate? We have the perfect gift for the insatiable sweet tooth: giant bars of your favourite chocolate! This way your wife, friend, boyfriend or colleague will have a long-term supply. But be careful, consume in moderation!

Have your photo printed on chocolate!

This Valentine's Day you can have your favourite photos printed on chocolate and surprise someone you care about with a gift they've never seen before.

How to send chocolate for Valentine's Day

It isn’t always possible to be close to your special someone on the most romantic day of the year. Surprising them from a distance can seem complicated, especially when they’re on the other side of the world. In reality, sending a gift from a distance, such as delicious chocolate, is really easy! All you need to do is enter the recipient's address, add a free message card and we'll make sure your gift reaches its destination. A guaranteed surprise!