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What is a chocolate advent calendar?

Who doesn't love the Christmas countdown? It's a season filled with joy, love, and of course, delicious treats! What better way to count down to this special day than with a chocolate advent calendar? But what exactly is a chocolate advent calendar?

A chocolate advent calendar is a unique and fun calendar used to count down the days to Christmas, starting from the 1st of December. However, it's not your ordinary calendar. Instead of just flipping through paper pages, you get to indulge in your favourite chocolate every day!

Why settle for a boring advent calendar when you can have a personalised chocolate one?

YourSurprise offers something much more exciting than the regular chocolate advent calendar, as ours can be personalised for each recipient! This means that you can create a unique, one-of-a-kind gift for absolutely everyone. Your advent calendar can be personalised in our online editor with a photo (or more), a themed design, a message and a name. It’s a great gift to surprise someone and count down to their favourite day of the year.

Imagine the delight of opening a sweet treat each day, each piece of chocolate representing a special day closer to Christmas. But not just any old chocolate, chocolates from your favourite brands, such as Milka, Toblerone and Kinder Ferrero.

How to choose the perfect personalised chocolate advent calendar

On the hunt for a personalised chocolate advent calendar to make your countdown to Christmas extra special? There are plenty of options here from top-notch brands such as Milka, Toblerone and Kinder Ferrero. But the question is, how do you choose the perfect one for you?

Which types of personalised chocolate advent calendars are available?

You can choose between 3 kinds of advent calendar:

  • Milka advent calendar: featuring the Milka design or featuring your own style and design
  • Toblerone advent calendar: featuring the Toblerone design or featuring your own style and design
  • Kinder Advent Calendar Happy Moments: featuring your own style and design

Which chocolate flavours are included in the chocolate advent calendars?

The Milka advent calendar contains chocolates in the flavours milk, strawberry, hazelnut and cocoa cream. Toblerone advent calendars contain chocolates in the flavours white, milk and dark chocolate. Kinder Ferrero advent calendars contain a selection of happy moments chocolates: mini bueno, mini bueno white, Kinder Schoko-Bons, Kinder chocolate mini, kinder chocolate with cereals.

Each advent calendar contains 24 chocolates.

What are the benefits of buying a personalised chocolate advent calendar?

As Christmas draws near, the anticipation builds, and there's no better way to count down the days than with a personalised chocolate advent calendar. But why should you consider an advent calendar tailored specifically to you or the recipient(s) you have in mind? Well, there are several reasons.

  1. A personal touch: Receiving a personalised gift always feels special. It shows that someone's taken the time and effort to think about what you would enjoy. Chocolate advent calendars bring an additional layer of excitement to any Christmas countdown, making each day's treat your own.
  2. High-quality chocolates: Let's not forget about the chocolate! Brands like Milka, Toblerone and Kinder Ferrero are renowned for their high quality. When you choose a personalised advent calendar from these brands, you're not just getting any old chocolates; you're getting some of the best chocolates in the world. Just imagine the pleasure of savouring a decadent piece of Toblerone each day in the run up to Christmas!
  3. Makes a great gift: Last, but certainly not least, personalised chocolate advent calendars make perfect gifts. Whether it's for a loved one, a friend or a colleague, a chocolate advent calendar tailored to their tastes is a thoughtful gift that’s sure to make them smile.