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Unique pregnancy announcements

8 unique ways to announce your pregnancy

There’s a little one on the way! This is such a special experience for yourself and your partner, and you wish to share the news as soon as you can. What’s the best way to do this, you ask? We’ve put together a list of fun ways to announce your good news to your family, friends and colleagues.

Idea #1: Add a message to a baby gift

If you’re visiting people with whom you’d love to surprise with your news, have a baby romper personalised with a hint, such as ‘I love Grandma & Grandpa’ or ‘See you in November!’. Give the gift to the recipient(s) and just sit back and watch them take it in! We also have dummies, cuddly toys and baby hats which are perfect for this purpose.

Idea #2: Put together a baby gift box

If you’d like to go big, put together a gift box of baby items, such as the romper featuring the announcement, the dummy, the cuddly toy and an ultrasound picture. Put it all together in one of our decorative children’s suitcases (a fun baby room item!) or sweet toy storage bags for the perfect finishing touch.
Toy suitcase

create a collage

Idea #3: Create a collage

If you’d like to surprise some visitors when they come over, take some fun photos with your partner beforehand and create a cool collage. Take a photo of both of your hands on the bump, or of you holding the ultrasound photo. Hang up your collage and wait for your visitors to spot it!

Check out the collage

create a collage


Idea #4: A hint on a t-shirt

Perhaps you have family or friends living abroad, which makes sharing your news in person a little more difficult. An original way to tell them would be to have a t-shirt made featuring a text or image that hints of your news and wear this in a video you can send to them. How long will it take them to spot it?

Create a t-shirt >

personalised pregnancy announcement t-shirt


Idea #5: A hint on a wine bottle

No wine for you right now, of course! But if you’re visiting family or friends, bring along a bottle of wine with a personalised label featuring an ultrasound photo and a text that reads ‘None for me, thank you!’.

If you prefer, you could go with a different text, as you can add any text of your choice in our Editor. Other fun ideas are:

  • Cheers, uncle Thomas!
  • Pour me a glass in 9 months!
Personalise a bottle of wine >

Pregnancy announcement wine bottle personalised


Idea #6: A message on a magic mug

The magic mug is the perfect tool for revealing a surprise! The magic mug has a black coating, which disappears when a hot liquid is poured in, revealing the design beneath. It’s such a fun way to tell the grandparents-to-be that you have a little one on the way while enjoying a nice cuppa with them. Upload an ultrasound photo and add the text of your choice. They’ll be overjoyed!

Create a magic mug >

personalised magic mug


Idea #7: Guess what?!

If you have a little one on the way and are looking for a truly unique way to tell the grandparents, auntie(s) and/or uncle(s) to be, this book is perfect! You can personalise the book with the recipient's names, making it not only an exciting way to announce your news, but a wonderful keepsake, too. Once the baby has been born, their name, date of birth, time of birth and weight can be added. The perfect gift for grandparents, auntie(s) and/or uncle(s) to be!

Check out the Guess what?! book >

Guess what?! personalised pregnancy announcement book

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