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All gifts personalised with photo/text

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Stay at home


We’re all just making the best of it in these strange times. There are lots of new rules and regulations, one of which is that we must stay at home as much as possible. But how do you get through the days when stuck at home all the time? And how can you support your (extremely bored or busy) friends now? We’ve put together some tips for you, because we believe that we should all just try to make the best of it together.

Tea and chocolate

Turn your living room into a home cinema

We’re living in a world of streaming services. There are so many great series available on Netflix for both young and old. So if you have the day off, have worked from home or have been hard at work as a key worker; you deserve a night on the settee. You may be thinking of your sister, mother, brother or friend, who is working hard and being a true hero day in day out; encourage them to put their feet up when they can too! Surprise them with a list of great series and films, a nice cuppa and lots of chocolate. A personalised mug or tea glass and a large bar of Tony’s Chocolonely should do the trick to help them relax.

Serving board

Take time to cook and enjoy a drink

Because, well.. there’s more time to do all that now. Now that you’re spending less or no time on commuting, release your inner chef and take time to create some more adventurous recipes, or attempt something you’ve been wanting to try for a while. If you’d like to show someone else some support, why not grab all of the ingredients needed for a fab dinner, along with the recipe and leave them on their doorstep? And if you’re in no mood to spend time in the kitchen, you can always order in (and support your local restaurants while you’re at it).

If you’re missing your Friday afternoon drinks with friends or colleagues, send them a virtual invite. There are plenty of fun apps you can use to video call several people at once. Get some snacks ready, lay them out on one of our personalised serving platters and press ‘call’ and spend some virtual time with those you’re missing. And the upside is; you don’t have to share any of your snacks! Yum.
Tip: send your video-call-participants their very own personalised serving platter, so you can all enjoy your snacks together.

Do some spring cleaning and surprise someone with a great gift

All the time in the world to finally get this out of the way. Go through everything and get rid of what you don’t need. Hoover, dust and mop away! Finally dust on top of that cupboard you’re always forgetting. Flick through all of your old baby, holiday and wedding pictures after coming across your photo albums again.
If you’re not feeling up to doing a big clean, but know someone that is using their time to do just that, why not surprise them with lovely new homeware featuring your favourite photo!

Photo album

Finally get around to putting together that photo album

Normally speaking we’re all busy running around and struggle to get around to doing everything. Most of us actually love having a physical photo album to flick through, but can’t find the time to sit down and put one together. Now is the perfect time to do it! Gather all of the photos you want to add and get creative.
If you’re finding it’s the other way around and you’re actually even busier now, you could always ask a friend or family member for a favour. They may even be bored and looking for something to do, so why not ask them to take on this project for you!


Get fit together, virtually

Working from home, chilling out on the settee and playing with the kids; not exactly making you feel fit! Gyms are closed, so get creative and take some online classes on Youtube. We understand it can be hard to stay motivated and that this is the reason many of us choose to work out with other people. If you’re missing your workout buddy, video-call them and work out together virtually. If these sessions are keeping you sane, let your buddy know how much you appreciate them with a cool personalised water bottle or towel.

Board games

Play some good old-fashioned board games with your partner or family

Not home alone? Get together and have some board game fun. Set out some snacks and play chess, draughts or a family game. At YourSurprise, you can personalise your very own board games with the photo of your choice. Surprise your partner or children and enjoy some quality time together. No cheating!


Get crafty with the kids and send cards to those you’re missing

Plenty of people could use some kind words or sweet drawing during this time. Is your crafting space a bit of a mess at the moment? Sit down with your kids to sort through it and add some cool storage. Check out Pinterest for lots of cool crafting ideas. You can make a happy jar, a cool painting or a birdhouse using an old carton. Wrap it up and add a sweet card. If you’d like to add a photo card, order one through our webshop and add it to your parcel before sending. Anyone would be lucky to receive such a thoughtful parcel!

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