Plush bunny - PinkPlush bunny - PinkPlush bunny - PinkPlush bunny - Pink
Plush bunny - PinkPlush bunny - PinkPlush bunny - PinkPlush bunny - Pink

Plush bunny - Pink

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More information about the plush bunny:
Brand: Lief!
Colour: pink
Measurements: 25x20x5 cm
Personalisation: text on the right ear
Extra: only surface washable

This super cute stuffed bunny wants to be your little one's best friend!

Does your heart melt a little when you see a sweet little bunny, or do you want to surprise your baby with a unique gift? Then you definately have to adopt this super cute stuffed bunny! The soft toy is extreme cuddly and the long ears and use of different fabrics give the stuffed bunny an adorable look. And the stuffed bunny is super special because you can even personalise it by getting a name printed on the ear. A personal cuddly friend for your own baby, but also an adorable and unique gift for a babyshower!

The stuffed bunny is available in blue and pink which makes it suitable for boys and girls. The name you add in our editor will be printed on the bunny's right ear in the best quality possible. The stuffed bunny really likes to go on adventures so your child can take his new cuddly friend anywhere he or she wants!

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