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baby shower tips and ideas

Baby shower tips & ideas

If you are attending a a baby shower soon, or organising a baby shower for your sister or best friend, there's lots to consider. Who will you invite? Where will you throw the baby shower? How can I plan a safe baby shower in times of COVID? And which gift should I go for?
In this blog, we'll take you through all of our tips and ideas to ensure you're well-prepared!

Why do we throw baby showers?

Throwing a baby shower is by no means mandatory, but we are seeing them more and more often across the globe. The purpose is to pamper the mum-to-be, and shower her with gifts that she may need once the little one arrives. Baby showers aren't exclusive to just the first child, meaning fun can be hard for each new pregnancy!

Who to invite to a baby shower

If you're organising a surprise baby shower for someone other than yourself, it can be difficult to determine who to invite. Traditionally speaking, only women are invited to baby showers, though the world is constantly changing and you should simply keep in mind which people are most important to the mother-to-be. Usually, both sides of the family receive an invite, including sisters, parents, cousins, aunts and so on. Don't forget to invite her besties, it wouldn't be the same without them!

Where to throw a baby shower

A baby shower can be thrown anywhere you wish! Keep in mind which decorations you're intending to add and make sure the location can accommodate these. If you're throwing the baby shower during the summer months, why not take it outside? Make sure to have some shaded areas and create a beautiful table setting. Perhaps you could go to a park, or someone's garden. If you're thinking of going with a high-tea or lunch, you could make a reservation at a restaurant, as they often offer separate areas for this type of event. Tip: Go for a space that you can invite the mother-to-be to without it being too suspicious!

Organising a baby shower in times of COVID

The COVID outbreak has caused many, many events to be cancelled and it may very well be that you need to take the measures into consideration when planning your baby shower. A safe alternative is an online baby shower. Get the mum-to-be out of the house for a while and decorate her space to make it fun. Set up a meeting online with all of her favourite people and, as soon as she arrives home, everyone can yell out 'Surprise!'. She'll be happy to see everyone, even if it's not in the traditional way. If the measures are less strict, perhaps you could organise the baby shower in a location that allows everyone to keep enough distance. Tip: Ask the guests to stick to the current measures beforehand, so that you don't run into issues during the shower.

Baby shower gift ideas

You won't want to arrive at the baby shower empty-handed. You'll want to give the mum-to-be an original gift, but what should you go for? We'd like to give you 4 unique baby shower gift ideas to inspire you.

Personalised baby rompers

Personalised baby rompers

A classic gift with a personal touch is a personalised baby romper featuring the name, text and/or photo of your choice. The mum-to-be definitely won't have one of these yet!

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Personalised Love, Beauty & Planet wellness gift set

Personalised Love, Beauty & Planet wellness gift set

The future mum will usually receive lots of gifts for their little one at their baby shower, so it can be nice to create a gift just for her. Create your personalised Love, Beauty & Planet wellness gift set so she can enjoy some well-earned pampering during her maternity leave.

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personalised baby beanie

Personalised baby beanie

A personalised baby beanie is the perfect baby shower gift! If the little one's name hasn't been shared, simply add the family's last name or other cute text. If the parents-to-be have a certain theme in mind for the baby's room, add one of our fun designs that ties in with this, such as an owl, or elephant.

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personalised Miffy cutlery set

Personalised engraved Miffy cutlery set

When attending a baby shower, there's no need to stick to gifts that the parents-to-be will be able to use for their little one straight away. They are bound to receive plenty of clothing, cuddly toys and books, so why not go for a sweet engraved Miffy cutlery set for their child to use as it grows older? Simply add the name of your choice to make it truly personal.

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